Patient & Family Advisory Council

Let your voice be heard. Join our Patient & Family Advisory Council.

Everyone’s hospice experience is unique. We want to hear about your journey in order to gain insight about our hospice services and quality client/resident care. This is a great opportunity to share your experience and help others. If this is of interest to you, we invite you to join the Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) of Hospice Simcoe.

Is being a patient and family advisor right for you?

Being a patient and family advisor may be a good match with your skills and experiences if you can:
Share suggestions and potential solutions to help improve hospice care for others.
Talk about your experiences as a patient or family member – but also think beyond your own personal experiences.
Talk about both positive and negative care experiences and share your thoughts on what went well and how things could have been done differently.
Work with people who may be different than you.
Listen to and think about what others say, even when you disagree.
Bring a positive attitude to discussions.
Keep any information you may hear as an advisor private and confidential.
Volunteer your time (typically two hours at quarterly meetings).

How to Apply

Applications must be in be February 16th. To download and complete an application, click HERE.
Your application can be submitted to Kelly by email, fax or dropped off to Hospice Simcoe.

For more information about becoming an advisor at Hospice Simcoe, contact Kelly Hubbard, Executive Director.
Phone: 705-722-5995 | Fax: 705-722-0716 | Email:
336 Penetanguishene Rd. Barrie

Join us! Together we can work to make our hospice the best it can be!

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