Grief and Bereavement Program

Grief & Bereavement

Hospice Simcoe provides emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support to individuals, families and agencies, experiencing grief due to loss of a loved one or friend. This support is available whether or not you have had previous contact with Hospice Simcoe.

Emotional Support

Bereavement support is available to anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one. Many of us have experienced the lengthy illness and death of a loved one or the sudden death of a family member, friend, or colleague. Each of us grieves differently and your grief experience is as unique as you are. Bereavement support helps us to understand the complicated emotions and the significant impact it can have on our lives. It also helps us to explore healthy ways of coping while integrating the loss into our lives as we move toward mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Preparing for Loss

We also support people anticipating their own death or the impending death of a loved one. “Anticipatory grief” can include a variety of emotions, thoughts, and even physical responses as we anticipate the death. We begin to wonder what the death will be like or, for the family member, what life will be like after the death has occurred. Often caregivers become exhausted as they experience a myriad of thoughts and emotions including anger, guilt, or sadness. Having someone to talk with during this time is very important. Receiving support while we are preparing for a loss, often helps us after the person dies.

Strengthening the Community to Cope with Loss and Grief

Hospice Simcoe works in collaboration with other community agencies and groups, to help people with grief and loss issues find appropriate support. We are happy to help other agencies to support their client group after a loss. For example, we can provide emotional support to organizations who experience significant loss so that they can assist their staff and residents to cope in a healthy way. Some examples include companies, schools and other agencies.

Educational Support

Hospice Simcoe works in collaboration with other community agencies and groups, to provide education about the grief experience. Understanding the grief experience and becoming better able to support co-workers, family members, and other community members who are grieving will help them to experience healing. We as a community can equip ourselves to better support those who are bereaved by gaining a better understanding of the basic principles of the grief experience. Encouraging those who are bereaved and normalizing their grief responses will help them move through the grief process in a healthier more adaptive way, helping them to experience health and wellbeing again.

Options for Bereavement Support:

One-to-One Support

  • Assessment
  • Emotional support for caregivers, and bereavement
  • Referral and resources

Bereavement Support Groups

Ended Beginnings

Children & Teens Bereavement Progam

Memorial Services

Spiritual Support

Support for agencies, workplaces and schools experiencing loss

Referrals for Bereavement Support:

Please contact our Office Administrator Doris Davis at 705-725-1140 or to book an appointment with one of our Bereavement Coordinators.

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